Tiny Bookshelf

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I’m going to try and keep a blog with my current art projects. I will slowly post older art projects that I’ve done over the past few years. For my first post, here is one of my favorite projects. It was a gift for my friend Paige, who loves books and hung out in the library with me a lot in college. I have always loved making miniature things, so these little books were super fun.


The tiny library is housed inside an Altoids tin with cedar shelves. All materials are recycled from what would have been trash. I made each book from cereal boxes and pages from an old book. The bindings were created by cutting out cardboard rectangles and carefully scoring the cardboard for the binding. The books are bound properly, so I made tiny little packets of pages, sewed them together and then glued several packets into the binding. The books can be opened and closed just like real books.



I painted each book with a base coat of acrylic paints. The gold and bronze details are enamel paint.



I’m really happy with the final result! Tiny books that are fully functional.

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