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For the first time in several years, I actually have a break between school and my summer job. I went home for two weeks and spent time with my mom. I installed a couple of dog doors, built some steps and a fence, and other house work. I also finally had time to make a wallet that I’ve been thinking about for a few years.


I have a gigantic/ancient phone and I wasn’t satisfied with the wallet/phone combos I could find. My mom gave me some leather scraps (beautiful leather scraps!), and this is the result. The zipper around the outside was difficult to get right. It took several tries (with some real funky looking mistakes), but I’m happy with the finished product.inside_with_stuff

The inside of the wallet has a pretty floral pattern. The fabric is a thin cotton material so I used some heavy-duty fusible interfacing between layers to make it more sturdy. There is plenty of storage for cards, my ID and two “secret” pockets.


Finally, a casual, candid photo of me holding the wallet.


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