Window Seat

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I have an awesome window in my apartment that is severely underutilized. It takes up the width of my living room and has a beautiful view of the forest. When my parents visited me last year, my dad kept walking back to the window and staring out it for several minutes at a time. He finally said “how do you not just spend all of your time looking out this window?” Well, now I can!

This weekend I build a window seat that also serves as storage for my art supplies. The seat also folds into a standing bookshelf, see bottom of post (shout out to Laura for helping me with the design!). The seat is almost entirely recycled (everything except for glue and fasteners).


The window in all its glory (pardon the crooked blinds).


I also sewed the cushion and pillows. I did the embroidery a while ago, but had yet to find a use for it.


And finally, the seat transforms into a standing bookshelf. Wherever I end up living after graduate school probably won’t have such a magnificent window, so I decided to make this window seat double purpose.


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